Monday, August 24, 2009

Murphy and the kid's first day of school...

Well guys and gals...I'm back! It didn't take long before I had a story to guess it?! ... Murphy strikes again! (warning: this is a long one...)

Today was the first day of school for us... my little one, hmmm what should I call him? oh...I know...the rock star (he loves to sing.....even the commercials). So I woke the rock star up at 6:30am and he had his breakfast, got dressed, took his Adhd medication and off to the bus stop..with no major malfunctions. We walked to the stop and the bus was there on far so good. I got to meet the bus driver, I am a big fan of meeting them face to face that way there is " a face to parent", so to speak. To me the bus driver is just as important as my son's teacher and deserve just as much respect. My meeting him or her lets them know I am involved and I will be keeping an eye on them as well. (if I sound intimidating.... good..that's the its 7:30am now and the rock star is off to his first day of 5th grade... may the force be with his teachers...hehe.

Now that brings us to kid #2 ...I'm thinking things went smoothly with the rock star so this is a good sign, right?!

So middle school starts at 9:30am..why so late? beats me, but I make it mom will be helping me on this one since I have to be at work at 8am...but today I took the day off so things would start off on the right foot.

So it's my oldest turn...he is my little I realize the boy is 12 and is starting middle school, but he will always be my little "(insert cute name here)"'s a mom thing.

Anyway, our middle school experience was already tainted during meet the teacher last week... (let me give you the back story so that this makes more sense)...his schedule was messed up and when I went to the guidance counselor (as I was told to do) she gave me total attitude. She barked at me if I had filled out some form to request a change in his schedule (and then brushed me off) which I answered #1- What form?....... #2 - I wasn't aware that I needed to fill out a form to fix a mistake you made. Obviously she didn't like my answers, but she pressed my bitch button that's what she gets. After that she didn't have a leg to stand on, so she asked for someone else to assist me...the girl was very nice, she told me not to worry about the form, she would photocopy the schedule and get it changed. She also told me to not bother to keep going to the other classes as they would be changed. I told her I was disappointed because that's the whole point of meet the teacher and him being new to middle school and the different environment I wanted to get him set up as best I could. She again was nice but told me that unfortunately nothing was going to get done today, that I would have to wait til Monday (the first day of school) to get his new schedule. So, STRIKE 1 for this school in Murphy's book! sooooo.......... that brings us today!

We have no schedule and no idea of supplies so I just put some pens, pencils, loose leaf paper and a binder in his backpack and told him to just get the lists from all the teachers today and manage as best he which he said ok... my little soldier is super laid back....(sometimes too much for my liking) but we are working on a happy medium.

Now off to school we is pretty much across the street from our subdivision, so I drove him over so I could get the new schedule and make sure all was squared away. We park and walk into the school courtyard to find an administrator to ask for some direction on where to go. I find one and I advise him my kid's schedule had been messed up and we need to find out his new schedule. To which he directs me to the 6th grade building where they have these huge blown up lists of all the 6th graders and next to them the first period teacher who will give him his corrected schedule...ok so far so good..we look at the list and next to his name is room 617... got it! off we go to that room...we get there and the room is closed, dark and no one is we might be a bit early. So we stand there and figure we will wait for the teacher and then get his schedule and then I am off...but oh noooooo...some lady starts barking that we can't be in the hall way and we need to get out and blah blah we are kicked out of the building and are told to wait for the bell. ( personally there was no need to yell, but whatever).

Unfortunately, Murphy is impatient ( it's a character flaw..I am human people) and I am on a mission for this freaking so I go to the main office and get directed to the media center to which I am told is not the place to be (shocker!!!) , but I did find out that's where the boys and girls club after school sign up was being held (this information was not given to me) so I consider it dumb luck that I found it and since I need after school care this would have been good info to have last week!! So the nice lady gives me a packet and tells me there is limited room and I need to fill that out as soon as possible to make sure he gets a spot, I ask her if she is going to be there after school starts that way I get the soldier situated and then come back and handle this.. she says that's not a problem. So now we go back towards the building we need to be to wait for the bell and get him to his first period. The bell finally rings and off we go to room 617.... the kids flood in and I wait to be last since I need to speak to the teacher... she has some seating chart pulled up on a projector and tells the kids to look for their name and have a seat... so of course the soldier is looking at the screen with a deer in the headlights look (which also frustrates me) and doesn't say anything but is also not sitting.. so that triggers me to look at the screen and see that his name is not on there (again, shocker!!) The teacher is in her own zone trying to get the kid situated and hasn't really noticed I wait to let her do her thing ( I am not ALWAYS impatient) then she asks if any one's name is not on the which my kid finally zones back in and raises his hand. She tells him to sit in some table in the back and then realizes there are no seats at those tables and then tells them to stand. She then decides to acknowledge me and I let her know that his schedule was changed and that we were told she would have his new schedule... so she looks at her stack of schedules and wouldn't you know?!.... his schedule is NOT there!! Can you say STRIKE 2 ( I CAN!!) .....So trying to keep my cool because at this point I want to strangle someone.. I ask her where she thinks I should go to find out since the info we were told was incorrect...the answer: the front office...oh great! Off we go to the flipping front office..... on the way I run into another administrator and ask her where to go for the correct info...she tries the whole "6th grade building and huge lists" which I quickly shoot down and let her know "been there, done that " and the teacher has no record of she looks in her mighty list and says the room number she has is 624....and tries to give me the read the wrong number on the list look... to which I walk her to the list and show her the 617 next to his name...then I follow by telling her 624 was the number on the incorrect she sees I am not on crack and walks us to 624 to see what is going on. We get there and the administrator asks if she has my soldier on her list to which she says yes, and sends him to have a seat. I knowing that we have had such a wonderful experience so far, ask to see the which my request is met with "excuse me" eyes... to which I return a "don't piss me off any further" look and put my hand out for the schedule.. I took a quick peak and confirmed that it had been fixed... part I of the mission is completed.

Now, kid #2 has been delivered .... part II has not been completed.. and what is that you may ask?.. I WANT a damn copy of the off to the media center to talk to the nice lady again.. so Murphy fills out the boys and girls club stuff asks a few questions and then over hears someone ask about a copy of a schedule and then sees the person being directed to a table in the media center...(are you freaking kidding me... so the media center was the right place after all...holy shit!!! STRIKE 3) biting my tongue, I ask the nice lady if they can give me a copy of my son's schedule and she says "suuuure" and calls some other lady's name and whala! Murphy has a copy of the schedule...why you ask was I so adamant about having a copy...answer me this....your kids ever lose anything? yep..exactly....Part II of the mission completed.

So folks this is a taste of the life of Murphy....stay tuned for more...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Murphy's Law and me.....

You guys are all familiar with Murphy's Law, right?! ....... "whatever can go wrong....will go wrong".

Well, let's just say I seem to be just a little more familiar with it than could say I sometimes feel like I am the poster child
(mental image: big ol' cheesy grin with two thumbs up)

I guess I should introduce myself a bit better... my name isn't actually Murphy, but for the purpose of this blog, let's pretend it is. I am 33 year old female, single (divorced), mother of 2 boys- ages 12 and 10, who works full time and goes to school full time...... all while trying to be PTA mom, sports mom and whatever other kind of mom I need to be at any given time. Sometimes, I even have to play dad at times since "dad" a.k.a "dickhead" as I like to refer to him, is not in the picture (that's a whole different kinda me! ), so guess you could say I have a full Oh, and did I mention that my youngest...the 10 yr old, has ADHD... oh yeah.. can you say fun.. I can! Oh, oh and did I mention we have a dog- a miniature Schnauzer (who has triple ADHD), a cat who hates everyone, 2 gerbils (who everyone forgets we even have at times) and sometimes foster kittens (cause I obviously don't think I have enough to why the hell not...bring em on!)

So, now that you know a bit about me.. guess you wanna know what the point of the blog is, huh? Well, it's my way of sharing my Murphy adventures...they will not be fictional, they will be actual happenings that I experience from time to enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you are expecting correct grammar and/or punctuation you are definitely reading the wrong blog... the only reason I don't add spelling it's because God created spell check!

................. let the Murphy-ness begin!